ISSN 2409-2274

Демографический дайджест

Илья Кашницкий 1

  • 1 НИУ ВШЭ, 101000, Россия, Москва, ул. Мясницкая, д.20

2016, №3, с. 170–188

  • Murphy M. The Impact of Migration on Long-Term European Population Trends, 1850 to Present
  • Kelle J.,  A.O. Haller. Who Benefits from Economic Growth? Work and Pay in Brazil
  • Victora C.G., R. Bahl, A.J.D. Barros, G.V.A. França, S. Horton, J. Krasevec, S. Murch, M.J. Sankar, N. Walker, N.C Rollins. Breastfeeding in the 21st century: epidemiology, mechanisms, and lifelong effect 
  • Stillwell J., M. Thomas. How far do internal migrants really move? Demonstrating a new method for the estimation of intra-zonal distance
  • Marjavaara R., E. Lundholm. Does Second-Home Ownership Trigger Migration in Later Life?
  • Bell M., E. Charles-Edwards, P. Ueffing, J. Stillwell, M. Kupiszewski, D. Kupiszewska. Internal Migration and Development: Comparing Migration Intensities Around the World
  • Goujon A., S. KC, M. Speringer, B. Barakat, M. Potancoková, J. Eder, E. Striessnig, R. Bauer, W. Lutz. A harmonized dataset on global educational attainment between 1970 and 2060 – an analytical window into recent trends and future prospects in human capital development
  • Cooray A., F. Schneider. Does corruption promote emigration? An empirical examination
  • Ueffing P., F. Rowe, C.H. Mulder. Differences in Attitudes towards Immigration between Australia and Germany: The Role of Immigration Policy