ISSN 2409-2274

International migration in Russia (the Ussr) during the end of the 19th‒ the first third of the 20th century. Part 2. International migration in Russia in the era of the "Great Crisis" (1914-1922)

Valentina Moiseenko 1

  • 1 Lomonosov Moscow State University

2017, no1, pp. 98–123


The second part of our paper includes analysis of international migration in Russia during 1914-1922. This period is famous in literature as demographic crisis, рerturbation of population. One of the most important particularities of this period is abruptly increasing role of forced migration (eviction, refugees, prisoners of war) and its transformation from internal to external movement. After October 1917 strained interest to international migration connected with disintegration of Russian Empire and movement of population to new Baltic countries, Poland and Finland, but also rigid, successive and tough emigration policy («white» emigration). That is why we pay attention to the legislation of «white» emigration and also deportation from RSFSR as completion such policy.

Keywords: demographic crisis; рerturbation of population; forced migration; refugees; prisoners of war; eviction; political emigration; «white» emigration; deportation