ISSN 2409-2274

Thе first world population conference through the eyes of two Russian emigrant participants

Mark Tolts 1

  • 1 Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Israel

2017, no4, pp. 170–190


This publication provides Stanislas Kohn’s and Alexander Kulischer’s overviews of the first World Population Conference (Geneva, 1927). The authors of the overviews were Russian post-revolutionary émigrés, whose publications are now almost inaccessible to contemporary readers. A preface and helpful explanations have been added to the overviews. The preface highlights the contribution of the authors of the overviews to the work of the conference and shows the significance of the conference for their later scholarly efforts. The positive features of the published materials are noted in comparison with some other reports on the first World Population Conference.

Keywords: history of demography; the first World Population Conference (Geneva, 1927); Russian post-revolutionary emigration; Stanislas Kohn (1888-1933); Alexander Kulischer [Koulisher] (1890-1942)