Journal of Economic Sociology is aimed at consolidating international standards of studies in economic sociology, presenting new research carried out by Russian and international scholars, introducing new books and research projects, and attracting young scholars into the field.

Journal of Economic Sociology is a specialized academic journal representing the mainstreams of thinking and research in international and Russian economic sociology. Economic Sociology provides a framework for discussion of the following key issues: major theoretical paradigms in economic sociology, sociology of markets and organizations, social and economic strategies of households, informal economy. Journal of Economic Sociology also welcomes research papers written within neighboring disciplines — new institutional economics, anthropology, economic psychology and the related fields, which can be of interest to economic sociologists.

Each journal issue presents papers and information organised along the following rubrics:

  • 'Interviews' contains texts of interviews collected with the leading international scholars in the field of economic sociology and related areas.
  • 'New Texts' present most recent original papers in economic sociology and related areas.
  • 'New Translations' offers translations of most important studies into Russian.
  • 'Beyond Borders'  introduces the studies from the neighbor disciplines (institutional economics, economic anthropology, economic psychology, etc.). 
  • 'Professional Reviews' provides overviews of the streams of research and literature in various fields of economic sociology.
  • 'Book reviews' attracts attention to most important books published in Russia and worldwide.
  • 'Conferences' shares information on the events already took place or planned for the future.

Journal of Economic Sociology  has a wide Russian speaking audience, living both in Russia and abroad. Its main target group comprises of research scholars, university professors, policy-makers, post-graduates, undergraduates and others who are interested in economic sociology.

All issues are published in Russian with a special supplement in English.

Journal of Economic Sociology is a bimonthly journal released in five issues (January, March, May, September, and November). Economic Sociology provides permanent free access to all issues in PDFJournal of Economic Sociology applies blind peer-review procedures (two independent referees for each research paper). All papers are subject to editing, proofreading, and professional design layout.

The journal has ISSN 1726-3247 and is officially registered in the Federal Service for Supervision in the Area of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Electronic No. 77-8029).

Journal of Economic Sociology was included into the Russian Scientific Citation Index in 2009. It holds the 4th position among all Russian sociological journals. Five-year Impact Factor of the journal (Russian citation index) achieves 0.798. Journal of Economic Sociology is indexed by Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) from Web of Science™ Core Collection and Scopus. According to the results of the HSE project on the expert ranking of Russian scientific journals (2015) "Journal of Economic Sociology" entered the category A2 (high level, "narrow profile") of journals of sociology.

Journal of Economic Sociology became one of the first electronic journals included in the list of leading journals officially recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation in 2010.

Journal of Economic Sociology has been carrying out an annual nationwide grants competition among research papers since 2006. Papers of the winners were published in the journal.

Visitors overview
Journal of Economic Sociology has a wide Russian speaking audience.

  • More than 4 000 readers visit the journal website every month;
  • Up to 30 per cent of visitors came from the foreign countries;
  • Each issue is uploaded by 5−7 thousand users;
  • Most popular issues have been uploaded by more than 8 thousand users. 

Peer review process
Journal of Economic sociology provides revision procedures for all the texts received according to international standards for academic journals. Before the text is sent to reviewers it is checked up by the editorial staff to comply with formal requirements. If not, notification with reasoning is sent to the author.

If the text complies with formal requirements it’s sent to two independent reviewers. Revision is anonymous both for authors and reviewers. After reading the text the reviewer files in the special form, giving marks by characteristics of the study (like conformity with the subject of economic sociology, correctness of methods of data gathering and analysis used etc.), highlighting the strong and weak points of the work and providing the final mark. The latter is treated as a decision about the publication (or refuse) of the text: perfect; good, ready to be published; can be published after correction; shouldn’t be published.

After getting the reviews the author has some time to revise the text after which text can be sent to reviewers once again. Besides the new version of the text the author provides the file with answers to the comments of reviewers where he/she shows how each comments was taken into consideration or why can’t it be taken into consideration. The final decision about publication (or refuse) is based on the reviews but editorial staff can make a decision that differ from the marks of reviewers.

Articles written by request of editorial staff are assessed by the same criteria as other articles.

Heading Open submissions Indexed Peer reviewed
Interviews + +  
New Texts + + +
New Translations + +  
Beyond the Borders + + +
Debut Studies + + +
Professional Reviews + + +
Book Reviews + +  
Conferences + +


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