For readers of our journal there are several options to stay up to date with new issues and articles. The main way to receive notifications is pre-registration on our website. Register in a special form. Registration in our journal also gives an opportunity to establish communication with the authors of useful and interesting publications.

The second way to get information about new articles is to subscribe via RSS. To use RSS features, you must first download and configure a special application – RSS client. Today, there are many different RSS clients. Many of them are free and available for different operating systems and platforms. On this page you will find a guide for setting up the free QuiteRSS client, which supports the Russian language, has a relatively simple setting of flows, can be installed on a variety of systems.

After installing the application and launching it, the following window will appear (an example on the Mac OS x platform is considered; the interface design is identical):

To add a notification channel for a new issue of the journal "Economic sociology", click on one of the buttons "news Feeds" in the side menu of the Journal site. Choose any of the three options. For example, a button labeled "RSS 1.0". After clicking on the Atom 1.0 button, a page with "strange content" will open. Do not worry: in the address bar of your web browser, select the entire address that is displayed there with the mouse and copy it (in any usual way):

Return to the QuiteRSS program. Click on the "Add new feed" button. This is a green plus sign in the left corner of the program. A window will appear in the wizard to add new channel subscriptions that were automatically inserted:

Here, click "Finish". As a result, you should see a window like this: